Applied Mathematics team wins the first prize in the Olympic Contest of Econometrics and Applications 2021

Congratulations to the Applied Mathematics team on being awarded the first prize in the National Olympic Contest of Econometrics and Applications in August 2021. 

The final round of the National Olympic Contest of Econometrics and Applications 2021 took place on 15/08/2021 with five talented junior students of the Applied Mathematics program (Financial Engineering and Risk Management) of the Department of Mathematics: Huynh Tan Vu, Nguyen Hung Quang Khai, Nguyen Ngoc Phung, Ho Huu Binh, and Tran Hoang Phi. The team has successfully secured first place and officially became national champions of this competition with their research report “Maximal Predictability Portfolio Optimization in Vietnam and US market”.

After more than 5-month of study, the team had completed two research reports under the guidance of Dr. Ta Quoc Bao. The first topic was about Portfolio optimization, meanwhile, the second topic was about Statistical Methods to measure Portfolio Risk, in which the first topic had excellently won the first prize and the second topic had been awarded consolation award. More specifically, the research team had exploited modern mathematical and statistical models to study two problems related to the fields of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management. Additionally, these were two areas of strength in the Applied Mathematics major of the Department of Mathematics for several years at the International University – Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City. Additionally, in 2020, students majoring in Applied Mathematics (FERM), International University also won 2 first prizes, which were on the same two topics related to Portfolio Optimization and Portfolio Risk Measurement investment.

The 2021 Olympic Contest of Econometrics and Applications has been held by the Academy of Finance and Central Vietnam Student Association with the participation of 111 research reports from 28 universities and institutes in Vietnam. In those reports, only the best 8 ones were chosen to report on the final round. This competition was a national competition that is held every year and attracts numerous Vietnamese and foreign students to take part in it. The goal of this competition is also to concentrate on developing mathematical, statistical, and econometric models that could be applied to solve practical problems in Economics, Finance, and Administration.