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Teaching Philosophy

In addition to doing research, the lecturers of the FERM program have rich experience to share their profound knowledge in applied mathematics with students and motivate them to learn and think. The Department of Mathematics has integrated the modern teaching philosophy into the program. Our program has the following educational philosophy:

(i) based on student-centered learning and constructivism
(ii) encourage and build up self-learning ability and lifelong learning capability
(iii) able to utilize information and communication technology, integration of theories, and practice

The recent educational philosophy has been announced in 2018 at a university retreat for school and department representatives. IU’s educational philosophy can be summarized as comprehensive, liberal, Pioneering, and global.

As a result, the FERM program hence can provide high-quality undergraduate education using the student-centered approach which requires students actively involve and be responsible for their own learning, while the role of academic staff is more on facilitating the learning process, providing students with updated knowledge of the field through the teaching strategies such as elaborating, concrete examples, case studies, applied research, motivating and inspiring students for self-studying.