The 23rd Mathematics Olympiad for Vietnamese Universities

The 23rd Mathematics Olympiad for Vietnamese Universities was held in Hue city from 13rd to 17th of April, 2015. The host was the College of Economics, Hue University. The event attracted almost 700 students from 89 universities and colleges nationwide. The International University joined the competition with four members:

1) Dang Phi Phon – BA Department – the Year 2014

2) Huynh Phuong Khanh – FERM – MA Department – the Year 2013

3) Ho Nhu Ngoc – BT Department – the Year 2012

4) Do Viet Ho Tam Thuc – FERM – MA Department – the Year 2013

This was the first time International University attended a Mathematics Olympiad. To prepare for the competition, many students joint a practice group taught by Mathematics Department’s professors and later took a qualifying test to earn a place in the team. The team competed in the Group B of Calculus, which is the group for non-science majors.

As a reward for their hearty spirit and hard work, the team proudly brought home a Third Prize in Calculus won by Dang Phi Phon.

Throughout the course of the event, the team had a great opportunity to learn from and exchange friendship with other universities’ students from all over the country. They also had a great time visiting our ancient capital, Hue and had many memorable activities along the way. Congratulations to Dang Phi Phon and the IU team!

Hopefully, this success will encourage many students to joint the Olympiad team and achieve better results in the next competitions.