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1. Admission Information of the program B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics (specialization in Financial Engineering and Risk Management):

1.1. Registration code – Groups of subjects

The groups of subjects are as follows:

  • A00: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
  • A01: Mathematics, Physics, English
International University Code: QSQ

Registration Code: 7460112

1.2. Enrollment scores

2. Scholarships

2.1. Enrollment scholarships

Enrollment scores of students who are higher or equal to the points in the table below will be considered: The number of scholarships occupies 10% for each sector (The Admissions Council considers the percentage of full and partial scholarships).

  • Full scholarships:
    • Free 100% for 4 years – Apply for IU programs worth about 168.000.000 VND.
    • Free 100% for 2 years – Apply for Twinning programs worth about 118.000.000 VND.
  • Partial Scholarships:
    • Free 50% for 4 years – Apply for IU programs worth about 84.000.000 VND.
    • Free 50% for 2 years – Apply for Twinning programs worth about 56.000.000 VND.

Prerequisites to maintain scholarship:

  • GPA of Semester ≥ 70.
  • Results of each subject ≥ 50.

2.2. Consolidated scholarships

Those who do not have the opportunity to achieve an enrollment scholarship will be considered for a consolidated scholarship each semester based on academic results.

For more admission information, please check this link.

3. A clip (in Vietnamese) about the Department of Mathematics and the Applied Math (FERM) program.

4. List of some outstanding alumni:


5. Contact:

E-mail: bthuong@hcmiu.edu.vn

Office: Department of Mathematics
Room O2. 610 – International University
Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City
Fax: (84-28) 37244271
Tel: (84) (28) 37244270 ext. 3235