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The Department of Mathematics is responsible for the program of Applied Mathematics (Financial Engineering and Risk Management) and Applied Statistics at IU.

I. Applied Mathematics:

1. Admission Information of the program B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics (specialization in Financial Engineering and Risk Management):

1.1. Registration code – Groups of subjects

The groups of subjects are as follows:

  • A00: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
  • A01: Mathematics, Physics, English
International University Code: QSQ

Registration Code: 7460112

1.2. Enrollment scores

2. Scholarships

2.1. Enrollment scholarships

Enrollment scores of students who are higher or equal to the points in the table below will be considered: The number of scholarships occupies 10% for each sector (The Admissions Council considers the percentage of full and partial scholarships).

  • Full scholarships:
    • Free 100% for 4 years – Apply for IU programs worth about 168.000.000 VND.
    • Free 100% for 2 years – Apply for Twinning programs worth about 118.000.000 VND.
  • Partial Scholarships:
    • Free 50% for 4 years – Apply for IU programs worth about 84.000.000 VND.
    • Free 50% for 2 years – Apply for Twinning programs worth about 56.000.000 VND.

Prerequisites to maintain scholarship:

  • GPA of Semester ≥ 70.
  • Results of each subject ≥ 50.

2.2. Consolidated scholarships

Those who do not have the opportunity to achieve an enrollment scholarship will be considered for a consolidated scholarship each semester based on academic results.

For more admission information, please check this link.

3. Videos (in Vietnamese and English) about the Department of Mathematics and the Applied Math (FERM) program.

II. Applied Statistics:

Registration Code: 7460201

Please click here for the detail information.

III. List of some outstanding alumni:


IV. Contact:

E-mail: bthuong@hcmiu.edu.vn

Office: Department of Mathematics
Room O2. 610 – International University
Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City
Fax: (84-28) 37244271
Tel: (84) (28) 37244270 ext. 3235