The Department of Mathematics would like to announce the important dates and the following list of the gradation theses in Semester 1, AY 2022-2023.


  • 19/9/2022: Submit the thesis topic
  • 17/10/2022: Submit the proposal
  • 22/10/2022: Proposal defense
  • 10/02/2023: Submit the final thesis report
  • 04/3/2023: Thesis defense


No. Student ID. Fullname Thesis title Instructors
1 MAMAIU18062 Huỳnh Kim Hoàng Vân Predicting stock price trends using Machine Learning algorithms Dr. Nguyễn Minh Quân
2 MAMAIU18076 Nguyễn Ngân Quỳnh Regression analysis and shrinkage methods in banking data models Dr. Nguyễn Minh Quân
3 MAMAIU18073 Nguyễn Thị Cẩm Thanh Risk Budgeting Approach to Asset Allocation Dr. Tạ Quốc Bảo
4 MAMAIU17032 Đào Lê Mỹ Dung Classify financial data using tree-based methods Dr. Nguyễn Minh Quân
5 MAMAIU16010 Phạm Phú Hanh Stock Market Volatility analysis based on GARCH-type models Dr. Tạ Quốc Bảo
6 MAMAIU18075 Nguyễn Ngọc Bảo Trân An Application of Multiple Linear Regression in Business Dr. Tạ Quốc Bảo
7 MAMAIU16015 Ngô Trung Nam Applying machine learning to create a credit scoring model in banking Assoc. Dr. Trần Vũ Khanh
8 MAMAIU18060 Lâm Huệ Dung Deep learning application in banking Assoc. Dr. Trần Vũ Khanh
9 MAMAIU16062 Trần Vũ Minh Vy Peaks/Valleys Detection in Time Series With Financial Application Dr. Phạm Hải Hà
10 MAMAIU18059 Nguyễn Văn Hòa Impact of Stock split announcements on Stock prices using Event Study Dr. Nguyễn Phương Anh
11 MAMAIU18069 Văn Thị Hồng Nhung Generalized Linear Models and Applications in Insurance Dr. Nguyễn Phương Anh
12 MAMAIU17013 Đoàn Hà Anh Thư Build a credit risk scorecard for lending institutions Dr. Lê Nhật Tân
13 MAMAIU18079 Trần Việt Hằng Driver Churn Prediction for Ride-Hailing Service Dr. Phạm Hải Hà
14 MAMAIU18003 Trần Ngọc Trúc Anh Inflation forecasting methods and applications. Dr. Nguyễn Phương Anh
15 MAMAIU18057 Lương Đỗ Vân Quyên Machine Learning for Retail Price Optimization Assoc. Dr. Trần Vũ Khanh
16 MAMAIU18039 Nguyễn Thị Bảo Thy Deep learning: stock price prediction Assoc. Dr. Trần Vũ Khanh