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Prof. Duy Nguyen, Marist College, New York, USA:

In my opinion, the FERM major is very rigorous, which is comparable to the major offered by very top universities such as Baruch College or Carnegie Mellon University in The United States. I believe it will provide the students in the major with the fundamental foundations for success. I would like to congratulate the department for their effort in creating such a rigid major.

Dr. Vinh Doan, CIO, VietQuant Hedge Fund:

The syllabus provided by the International University equipped our freshmen with a great skill set for dealing with the most challenging but well-rewarded problems in the quant industry. Moreover, the research capability is one of the real edges that FERM students possess, ensuring them to quickly adapt and evolve to the fast-moving financial market, which is very critical for this period. We greatly appreciate your efforts in nurturing talents in math and finance and wish the department the best for future endeavors.